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This Device is designed to sleeve a Mossberg 590 mag cap. Swivel will need to be removed if applicable.

This device has an OAL of 3.48" from base to tines. 

The major OD is 1.31" the minor OD is 1.19". All dimensions are approximate.

This Hard Use Puncher is machined from 1144 Stressproof steel, and as such machining marks may be present on some items. The device is finished with a Black Ice specialty coating. The device comes with all assembly hardware. 
You will need a phillips screwdriver and a 3/8” socket. A very easy install.

C-M12-HU2 Hard Use Puncher

  • The C-M12-HU2 is compatible with the following 12 GA. Mossbergs : 

    Shockwave 14" and 18.5" models.

    The new 590 Thunder Ranch Pump Shotgun (Model # 50781). It is NOT compatible with breacher barrel models.

    The 590 S models (All).

    The 590M models (All).

    The 590A1 Retrograde.

    The 590 Retrograde.

    The 590 Flex Tactical.

    The 590 SPX.

    The 590 Mariner.

    The 590 M-Lok.

    The 590 9 Shot.

    The 590 7 Shot.

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